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Anthony Rapp tweets about the hate he’s received since accusing Kevin Spacey

Anthony Rapp (L) and Kevin Spacey WikipediaIn October, Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him when he was 14-years-old and Spacey was 26. In the week that followed, a number of other were made against Spacey by others, including eight crew members from House of Cards, the Netflix show that Spacey starred More...

by kradzcalypse | Published 2 weeks ago
By kradzcalypse On Friday, November 24th, 2017

Are we about to enter an era of ad transparency?

Few markets in the world are as opaque and complex as the digital ad market, though that hasn’t stopped digital advertising from growing into a business expected to account for a full third of total ad spend this More...

By kradzcalypse On Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

How to get started with Twitter advertising

Twitter can be an effective platform to advertise your business. Here’s how to create the perfect ad for your campaign objectives. Twitter counts a total number of 328 million monthly active users, with more More...

By kradzcalypse On Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

You can’t un-see this antigay politician’s leaked pic and sexts

Here’s something we definitely could have done without… Shortly after announcing his bid for reelection, a nudie photo of GOP Texas Congressman Joe Barton has found its way onto Twitter.Barton, who is the More...

By kradzcalypse On Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Melania Trump tweets her excitement for Christmas but Twitter isn’t feeling her joy

So Melina Trump claims she’s really looking forward to spending Christmas in the White House.On Monday, the Trumps are set to receive their Christmas tree (we hear it’s being shipped from China). In the More...

By kradzcalypse On Friday, November 3rd, 2017

A Twitter Employee ‘Inadvertently Deactivated’ Trump’s Account on Last Day at Work

U.S. President Donald Trump’s @realdonaldtrump Twitter twtr account was “inadvertently deactivated” due to human error by a Twitter Inc employee on Thursday and was down for 11 minutes before it was restored, More...

By kradzcalypse On Saturday, October 28th, 2017

Hate Pages Banned as Reddit Tightens Rules on Violent Content

But broadened rules might be hard for the small company to enforce.Reddit, a large internet community that has sometimes been accused of incubating hate groups, announced on Wednesday that its content policy More...

By kradzcalypse On Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Seeing the trees for the forest with paid social

If an evergreen tree were to fall over deep in the Oregon forest, would it make a sound? Of course it would. The 2,000-pound tree would slam down with such force that the ground would shake as the noise reverberated More...

By kradzcalypse On Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Russia Investigation: Twitter Banned 200 Fake Accounts But Left Key Details Out

Twitter took to Capitol Hill Thursday, sharing its insight into the Russian interference that took place during the 2016 presidential election in a closed door session with the Senate Intelligence Committee. And More...

By kradzcalypse On Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Google Sued by Gab, the Twitter for People Banned from Twitter

Gab, a social media platform that touts its openness to any and all forms of speech, has sued Google for refusing to list the Gab Android App on the Google Play store. Gab claims, according to Ars Technica, that More...

Get Your 100+ Scenes ProThemes Right Now! & 50+ NEW Scenes Every Month! FULL Developer Rights Included!